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Electric scooter with three wheels that’s perfect for new riders chasing speed as well as a little extra safety. Equally as effective on streets as it is off road. The Off Road model with its unique 3 wheels offers a high end alternative for those that like to be different or for those that feel more comfortable on 3 wheels.

500-watt brushless DC motor with front and rear suspensions make the riding experience with Off-Road as fast and smooth as can be

imagined. The Rear platform can be used to hold storage boxes or cages.
One large 10-inch front tyre and two 6-inch rear tyres, coupled with a double braking system of disc braking and regenerative anti-lock braking (eABS), this electric scooter is safe to ride over any terrain.
For added safety, this electric scooter features an automatic ultra-bright LED headlight and a red taillight while braking.
The maximum incline for Off-Road can reach is as high as 15 degrees.


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