Electric scooter TNE CREATOR PLUS 3600W

2,499.00 2,125.00

Electric scooter TNE CREATOR PLUS it’s a reliable electric scooter that is perfect for everyday use.   This model is equipped with an engine capacity of 3600W (1800W x 2 Dual motor), which is able to accelerate it to 90 km/h quickly too ++ and travel up to 120 km (depends on battery type), after which the battery will need 7 hours to recover.

The TNE CREATOR PLUS moves almost silently and does not pollute the environment when working, which is its undoubted advantage over any fossil fuelled vehicles.

With its own weight of 45 kg, the TNE CREATOR PLUS withstands loads of up to 250 kg, so it is perfect for heavy adults. The TNE  CREATOR PLUS is equipped with a disc brake system and LED lights, which aids the safety of your movement even at night time.

This top of the Tne range scooter can overcome rises with an angles of inclination up to 60 ° and perform various tricks, which indicates its high agility of handling various terrain, assisted by the advanced suspension and shock absorber system, which the TNE CREATOR PLUS has.

The body of the TNE CREATOR PLUS is made of high-quality aluminium alloy, which gives it extra strength, aiding a sense of confidence on the roads. In addition all the technical characteristics of the  TNE CREATOR PLUS has a folding design, which makes it as convenient as possible during transportation. This is equipped with a kick stand, which is useful for you when parking, and a special display, which displays the current indicators of speed, mileage and battery charge level, which gives you the ability to monitor your travels and to adjust what suits you.

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